Scientific Questions

Mans place in nature
What makes us human?

What are the genetic changes that have made us uniquely human? These mutations underlie our amazing abilities as well as our predisposition to certain diseases.

photo credit:
Wellcome Collection; CC-BY-4.0; cropped

Stickleback fish
How do species adapt to new environments?

What are the genetic changes that underlie how humans and other vertebrates adapt to the environment? Why are some species seemingly able to easily adapt while others are restricted to their current environment?

art credit:
Alexander Francis Lydon; public domain

Macaw in flight
What mutations underlie iconic traits?

Some traits, such as feathers on birds, have facinated humans for cententuries, yet we do not currently understand the genetic changes that underlie these traits.

photo credit:
Luc Viatour; CC-BY-SA-3.0; cropped